TAKE “THE 100 DAY LOVE CHALLENGE” . . . Enjoy the Marriage God Intended For You!

TAKE “THE 100 DAY LOVE CHALLENGE” . . . Enjoy the Marriage God Intended For You!
April 19, 2016 Matthew L. Jacobson

Is your marriage as good as the marriage God intended for you? It can be . . . and that’s true for every Christian couple. 

Christians . . . shouldn’t they (we!) be setting the standard for everything that is right, good, pure, wholesome, and hot in marriage? After all, God’s Word to mankind – the Bible – does start out with two naked people in a  garden and God said it was very good. We have The Spirit. We have The Book. So, we set the standard for others to follow, right?

Would you encourage those around you to follow the example you’re setting in your marriage?

It’s not about perfection. It’s not about never messing up but, generally providing a positive, stable, loving, encouraging example to those who watch the way you walk it out – friends, kids, other married couples.

Is your marriage worth emulating? Should others follow your example? How about the marriage you have behind closed doors, when no one else can observe the true substance – the true depth and quality – of your relationship?

Do you have a marriage worth following or are you more like the crowd that, after singing praise songs to Jesus Christ on Sunday, in all honesty, has to answer “No” to that question on Monday morning?

Don’t do marriage like we’re doing it. You can do much better.

If you are providing an example for others to follow that’s awesome because you have a normal Christian marriage.

I didn’t say common. I said normal. “Normal” for the Christian is what the Bible says is normal. Sometimes we can become so familiar, so comfortable with common, sinful behavior that we mistake what is normal (how the Bible says we are to love each other) with what we commonly see around us.

Everyone struggles with marriage.

Everyone has problems.

Every couple bickers with each other.

Most married guys use porn from time to time etc., etc., . . .

First of all, these statements are not categorically true. Second, these phrases are often used like the “get out of jail free” card in a game of Monopoly. The fact that sin is common in many Christian marriages makes us comfortable with the sin in our own. It’s “normal” we tell ourselves. But, it isn’t normal, even though it ‘s common.

A normal Christian is a place of commitment, purity, Love (see 1 Corinthians 13), romance, passion, and friendship – living a life together that says, “I love you” instead of one that says, “I love me”.

Do you want a normal Christian marriage, one that will be an example for others to follow? For those who do, Lisa and I are encouraging couples everywhere to join us in


It’s fun and it will strengthen your love for each other by teaching you how to express that love in meaningful, relationship-building ways. And for those who have a husband who isn’t into heavy reading. No problem. The books are short, concise, and very easy to use. You can both totally do this!

How to Take the 100 Day Love Challenge

100 Ways Pre-Order Special

  1. Get your bundle at a great discount – each of you get a copy of “your” book.
  2. Pick a “Start Date” and commit to the next 100 days.
  3. Each day, do one loving act for your spouse (with no expectation of “payback”).
  4. Ask God to help you to understand how to love well and to follow through with it.
  5. Start enjoying the blessings of those little things that say love over time. And, share your journey on Social Media. #The100DayLoveChallenge

The 100 Ways to Love Pre-Order Special available —> HERE

We invite you to join us for this 100 Day Love Challenge!

This challenge will have a profound and powerful impact on your marriage. Here’s what others are saying:

Reader Reviews

★★★★★  “100 Ways to Love This Book” By Darlene Schacht  (Time-Warp Wife)
I absolutely LOVE Lisa’s writing style. I can’t help but feel like I’m enjoying a cup of coffee at her table, absorbing the warmth of her smile with each turn of the page. The love between these two authors (Lisa and her husband Matthew) is not only evident, it’s contagious! If you’re looking for his & her devotionals pick these up. Your marriage will thank you!

★★★★★ “Transform Your Marriage in 100 Ways” By The Rebecca Review

“Every wife has a deep desire to be cherished..” ~Matthew Jacobson

Marriage usually isn’t the fairytale most expect it to be. Staying married can be hard work and requires an advanced state of commitment. Long term success is usually only possible if partners learn to love each other in a deeply spiritual way, setting selfishness aside. And the truth is most women are the ones reading the relationship books (I’ve read over 120 so far).

That is what makes this book so valuable. It is written directly for men who are willing to go the extra mile. This is the type of book every woman will want her husband to read. Don’t wait until your wife says: “I regret the day I married you – I want a divorce.” Don’t think it can’t happen to you. Even the most committed woman will start wondering if her marriage is worth it when she is not treated properly and with care.

This book presents 100 ideas for turning your relationship around in a hurry. I read the kindle version but will be buying my husband the paperback……~The Rebecca Review

★★★★★ “Great Encouragement!” By Caitlin
Are you looking for some practical ideas on what being a godly wife looks like? This book is a great little field manual—short and simple and yet packed full of solid, biblical ideas on how to love and honor your man.

Even if you think you have a “good” marriage, you might find yourself surprised and challenged by some of her suggestions to grow in ways you weren’t expecting. Indeed, that’s how all of her personal anecdotes play out—here is a couple who had a “good” marriage, and yet through conscious choice, hard work, and walking with the Lord together, they (Lisa and her husband) have a truly fantastic marriage that keeps getting better. If you want to have a wonderful marriage, Lisa’s book is a great encouragement!

100 Ways to Love Your Wife by Matthew L Jacobson

★★★★★ “This book is a must read for all guys!!” By Terry Musclow
Enough of the pathetic failed marriage stats already…Matt’s book is a fantastic reminder that if we men can make a thoughtful investment in loving our wife we can see a return on that love investment “with interest”. How True. The sooner you read Matt’s book the less risk you might have of learning the hard way or losing altogether. Thank YOU Matt!!! I think my marriage is good but now, after reading your book, it is even better, stronger, and healthier.

 ★★★★★ “Worth it and just bought 9 more for friends” By Russell
This book is amazing! Definitely worth the purchase and I actually just bought 9 more copies so I can give them to friends and family who are getting married, already are, or someday will be married. I got it in the mail yesterday with the two day shipping which was awesome and read through it in one sitting already to get a full gist of it. It has only biblical principles and as I can see and understand will only help encourage your wife and give even more life to your marriage. Might I say too, numbers 98, 99, and 100 are key, but really so are all the rest. 
You won’t find what is in this book in a lot of others, and the way that this book makes it all so simple, not just seem but clearly how truly simple it all is, is definitely worth the buy. I would recommend this book to all men, current husbands, but even more so for husbands to be so that they can rightfully learn how to cherish and love the woman God gives them and begin that journey before they even do get married….But get the book!! You’ll be grateful you did :)


100 Ways Pre-Order Special

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  1. JL and Melonie Payne 1 year ago

    We should be getting our books today and we are so excited to start this challenge.

  2. Beverly Jackson 2 years ago

    Hello, I am a senior citizen and do not do credit card stuff over the computer, will you accept a check and if so where to mail. Would like to purchase two sets to give to my son and for my self. I have been happily married for forty nine years this year and still very much in love with my husband from school. He is the love of my life here on earth and would not trade him for nothing. God gave him to me and he is a keeper.

    • Author

      That’s an awesome testimony, Beverly! Thanks for sharing. Please send your check to Loyal Arts P. O. Box 1414, Bend, Oregon, 97709. Include the cost of the bundles you buy and $5 shipping and handling for each address you wish to send the books to.

  3. Teranne 2 years ago

    Do you have an eBook version of the 100 Ways bundle?

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