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  • There’s More Room in a Broken Heart (God’s use of the pain we live through)

    Every morning since he was about 8, my son Dauntless goes out to the chicken coop to collect the eggs.…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why You Should Keep Faith . . . When Life Throws Its Worst At You.

    His feet thumped across the lawn and pounded up the steps as I instinctively glanced at the time. 5:50 am. (we’re early risers!) Why is…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Can God be found in the Darkest Place?

    We want God to be fair, don’t we? When we do something good, we want Him to recognize and reward…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • What God Wants From You When Your Spouse is Wounding Your Marriage

    It’s easier to do the right thing when our spouse does the right thing. We can usually respond correctly in…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • When Life Breaks Your Heart – Finding Hope & Grace to Face the Unexpected

    At some point, the life we planned on and reality collide.  Our first several years of marriage were pretty much…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Trials are No Match for God’s Grace

    Have you ever wondered, “Why is this happening to me?” It started on a coffee date with Lisa. There we…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
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