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  • Is Hate Ever Appropriate for the Christian? Is It Ever Required?

    Hate? Not us. We’re Christians. We’re not supposed to hate, are we? I still remember the prof at Multnomah Bible…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Can Young Children Repent and Be Truly Saved?

    As parents, sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Take the salvation/conversion of kids. Often eager to…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Should You Confess to Your Spouse? {or Spare Her/Him the Pain?}

    Does it make sense to confess your sin to your spouse and drag him/her through all the pain or should…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • 7 Truths for Conquering Sin in the Believer’s Life {NEW VIDEO SERIES}

    Is falling into sin your inevitable fate as a Christian? If You Think Wrong, You’ll Never Live Strong! Consequently, what…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Your Husband/Wife is Your Accountability Partner

    When you’ve sinned against your spouse, is it important to bring all that out into the open? Isn’t it enough…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Modesty in Modern Culture: Why Veronica is Right and Victoria is Wrong

    The audacity of Veronica Partridge is something to behold. She just won’t leave well enough alone. With one small article…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • It’s not a Porn Problem. It’s a Sin Problem.

    The Big Day finally arrived. The Wedding. It’s here but what a major league disappointment. You expected her to be…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
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