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  • What Are You Tolerating From Your Toddler? Why Wise Parents Persevere in Training

    His name wasn’t “Johnny” – that’s just a place-holder to protect the guilty – and, his name wasn’t “Nero”, but…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • No Disrespecting Mommy (or Daddy!) – Ever!

    No parent is okay with disrespect coming from their child . . . at least in words. Practice . .…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • She’s Not 12 Anymore – How to Have The Relationship with Your Young Adult You’ve Always Wanted

    We are as gods to our children when they are young – safe haven in every storm, a comfort from…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Does Your Child Take You at Your Word? Or Has He learned Not to Trust What You say?

    Most parents are not lacking for good intentions. We always intend to follow through when it comes to what we told…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • 7 Parenting Myths that Damage Kids

    A myth: By definition, it isn’t true. But, that doesn’t matter. A myth doesn’t need truth to have the power…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Ten Reasons Mom Is a “10”

    Mother . . . Madre . . . Mom . . . Mére . . . Mama . . .…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
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