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  • Ask Her and She’ll Tell You What Most Men Never Learn About Their Wives

    To have an “epic” marriage, all you have to do is want it, right? Not exactly. Did I have stars…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Does Your Doctrine Prevent Fellowship with Other Believers? {Why Jesus Doesn’t Like Your Doctrine Part II}

    (Click Here to read Part 1 of Why Jesus Doesn’t Like Your Doctrine) Most of us like our doctrine pretty well.…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • What Happens when Mr. Right Walks into the Room? {Ch. 3 An Uncommon Love}

    *This is Chapter 3 of An Uncommon Love – our true-life love story. You can also catch up by reading Chapter One: If…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Always a Woman: What Every Man Should Never Forget About His Wife

    It’s 10pm on a Friday night. I look across the room at her, my beautiful Bride, walking down the hall…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • An Uncommon Love: Where is She? Searching for My Forever Girl

    Searching for My Forever Girl Chapter 2 of An Uncommon Love (You can read Chapter One HERE . . .…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Powerful Choice of Biblical Submission

    Submit. It’s the dirty little word that packs a powerful punch in 21st Century Christian religion. “Everyone knows the Apostle…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Five Powerful Precautions for Faithfulness in Marriage

    What man or woman intends to cheat on his/her spouse after the wedding day? On that day, it’s smiles vows and anticipation of a…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Secret to an Excellent Marriage

    The wedding – great memories, a lot of fun – but, that was a long time ago. Now, there’s marriage.…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Staying in Love with the Woman You Married

    Ready for a bold statement? I wrote a book that teaches men how to deeply love and cherish their wives…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • 10 Things Love Never Says (What gets said in your marriage?)

    When it comes to making its presence known, Love is a big communicator . . . always having a lot…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why You’re Going to Have a Fantastic Marriage This Year!

    Have you ever considered that God wants you to have a great marriage? Sometimes we are so caught up with…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Smart Husbands Defend “Date Night” Against All Intruders

    When it comes to romance, being spontaneous is great . . . Hey Babe, let’s go grab a bite to…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
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