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  • Marriage . . . What’s In Yours? Free Ebook

    Could you stand up in a room and say, without embarrassment, “We’re not perfect but even so, I encourage you…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Smart Husbands Defend “Date Night” Against All Intruders

    When it comes to romance, being spontaneous is great . . . Hey Babe, let’s go grab a bite to…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • 103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear {With Free Printable}

    Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. These sad…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Lifelong Habit of Pursuing Friendship

    Date night . . . there’s a place not far from our house, Diego’s ~ Spirited Kitchen, that Lisa and…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Habit of Cherishing Her

    I’ll never forget those eyes, dancing above the rim of her glass the moment I walked into the room, the…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Essential Habit of Expressing Gratefulness

    {First Lisa’s perspective, then mine follows} I can guess what you might be thinking. “Sure thing, Lisa. Of course, you’re…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The Powerful Habit of Choosing Kindness

    first . . . For The Wives (then for the Husbands!) I was always so happy to see her. Whenever…

    by Matthew L. Jacobson
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