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  • Should You Remove the Armor from Your Heart and Fully Forgive?

    Real forgiveness in many marriages is in short supply these days . . . which makes sense because who in…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Just Because You’re Right . . . Doesn’t Mean You’re not Destroying Your Marriage

    We love being “right” don’t we? In the midst of an intense discussion (argument!) about something, we feel the surge…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Don’t allow Bitterness to Grow In Your Marriage {the absolute necessity of cleaning wounds}

    Like dangerous, infected wounds, the worst situations, deepest problems, and harshest conflicts often start out very small. How did they become so…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Moving Past Offenses in Marriage

    Sooner or later . . . okay, sooner . . . it’s going to happen. You’re with your husband/wife and…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • How Offering Forgiveness Transforms Your Marriage

    I wish Lisa didn’t have so many opportunities to forgive me over the years. Oh, we trade places sometimes, but when…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • How To Restore Relationship with our Children

    Just because we brought children into the world doesn’t mean we get to have an open, loving relationship with them. As in…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • The List – A Short Story about Wholeness, Freedom, and Forgiveness

    The List  There was a girl who was given many things to make her happy. But life also held many difficult…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
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