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  • There’s More Room in a Broken Heart (God’s use of the pain we live through)

    Every morning since he was about 8, my son Dauntless goes out to the chicken coop to collect the eggs.…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • What Are You Tolerating From Your Toddler? Why Wise Parents Persevere in Training

    His name wasn’t “Johnny” – that’s just a place-holder to protect the guilty – and, his name wasn’t “Nero”, but…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Are You Giving God a Bad Reputation With Your Kids?

    Based on your parenting, what do your children think God is like? Do they have a general sense that God…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • No Disrespecting Mommy (or Daddy!) – Ever!

    No parent is okay with disrespect coming from their child . . . at least in words. Practice . .…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Modesty and What My 12 Year Old Son Has To Do with How You Dressed Today

    Show up with your personal standards and you are automatically deemed to be judging others who don’t share your conviction.…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Can Young Children Repent and Be Truly Saved?

    As parents, sometimes we do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Take the salvation/conversion of kids. Often eager to…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Dad & Mom . . . Are We Raising Men or Boys?

    {This is Part 1 of Raising Men. You can read Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE} Are we raising men or boys?…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Give Your Kids the Weapon They Need for the Battles They Will Face

    Our Kids are going into battle. They need an effective weapon. Even Jesus, the Living Word, needed a sword when…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Ten Reasons Mom Is a “10”

    Mother . . . Madre . . . Mom . . . Mére . . . Mama . . .…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Leading Your Children to Jesus

    As the father of eight children, I understand the desire to see all of one’s children come to a saving…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • When Life Breaks Your Heart – Finding Hope & Grace to Face the Unexpected

    At some point, the life we planned on and reality collide.  Our first several years of marriage were pretty much…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Sharing the Gospel Requires More than Your Good Example

    Some lessons come early. Life has a way of warning children . . . Don’t stand out Blend in with…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
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