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  • Why I Continue to Date My Girlfriend, Even Though I’m Married.

    We live in a world where clerks in virtually any store upon meeting you for the first time will talk…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Christian Kids Should Save Kissing (and other things) for Marriage.

    Get a group of Christian teens together and sooner or later the subject of all things physical prior to marriage…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Always a Woman: What Every Man Should Never Forget About His Wife

    It’s 10pm on a Friday night. I look across the room at her, my beautiful Bride, walking down the hall…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Smart Husbands Defend “Date Night” Against All Intruders

    When it comes to romance, being spontaneous is great . . . Hey Babe, let’s go grab a bite to…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • 100 Ways to Love Your Wife / 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

    Why are great marriages so rare . . . so hard to find for so many?  In this day of…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Romance: Dangerous Territory for Men . . . But, We Can Learn from you with a little help

    For many husbands, a conversation about romance is like being in a foreign country and trying to ask someone on…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
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