Show God You Love Him by Showing Your Wife She Couldn’t be Loved Any Better

Show God You Love Him by Showing Your Wife She Couldn’t be Loved Any Better
December 12, 2014 Matthew L. Jacobson

The man who truly loves God demonstrates that fact by showing his wife she couldn’t be loved any better

Many women are married to men who don’t know how to love them well, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some men just don’t want to change but many do and for them (and, by association, their wives!) I wrote this book.

Every husband or soon-to-be husband should read 100 Ways To Love Your Wife. That’s why I’m offering to give my book to those who truly can’t afford it. 100 Ways To Love Your Wife is an excellent gift for any husband, regardless of his age or how long he has been married. It’s fantastic for soon-to-be husbands, as well.

100 Ways to Love Your Wife teaches how a man can love his wife with straight-forward practical instruction you can begin to use from the very first page.

So you’re (or he’s) not a big reader? No problem. This isn’t a big book. It’s concise, to the point, and very easy to digest. Anyone can read this book – even someone who rarely picks up a book.

Who is This Book Good For?

1) Husbands who have been married for a while and who do a good job at the basics but want to more regularly communicate their love for their wives.
2) Husbands who have been married a while but are not doing a good job and want to get better.
3) Husbands who have been married a short time and desire to be a blessing to their wives
4) Men who are soon to be husbands and want to get started in married live on a solid foundation.
5) And, finally, This book is GREAT FOR TOTAL SCREW-UPS who need a good kick in the pants to face the responsibility they have for making their wives the most cherished woman on earth.

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Even if you don’t necessarily fit into any of these categories, you may know someone who would benefit from a book that will teach him how to cherish his wife. Who do you know that would benefit from a book that will help to improve his marriage?

If your a bold woman, then get this book for your husband. If he’s the type that can take a direct approach like that, you won’t regret giving him this gift. Click Here to purchase.

What Will Happen When a Man Reads This Book?

A) If he has/you have a basically good relationship already, you will gain specific ideas for regularly, consistently loving your wife.

B) If he has/you have a mediocre marriage, this book will show you what you’re missing and how to change your approach to move your marriage from mediocre to great!

c) If you have a terrible marriage but your wife is still “hanging in there” this book will transform your marriage completely . . . if you read and apply this teaching. Of course, since you’ve been making major mistakes, it may take a while before your wife trusts that the change in your heart is genuine. If the door to her heart isn’t locked shut in an effort to protect her heart, and you are serious about change (in your heart) this book will help you to show your wife that you can be the lover she once dreamed you would be.

Why did I write this book? Because God expects his men to be the best husbands, the best lovers on earth – the best examples of what a godly marriage looks like. I’m confident this book will help men everywhere to enjoy a God-honoring marriage.

Get your copy here.

P.S. If you honestly (yes, honestly) can’t afford the book, private message me and I’ll send you a copy for free. Because my kids like peanut butter sandwiches, please purchase the book if you can! But, I want every husband to have a copy so if you are completely strapped, private message me, tell me your story, and I’ll send a copy.

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