I’m Not Raising Girls: I’m Raising Loving Wives, Devoted Moms, and Women Who Fear God

I’m Not Raising Girls: I’m Raising Loving Wives, Devoted Moms, and Women Who Fear God
December 3, 2014 Matthew L. Jacobson

Marine, Firefighter, Supreme Court Justice, Tire Mechanic, Doctor, Lawyer, Truck Driver, CEO, President of the United States . . .

There is no field closed to women these days, at least not in advanced Western Cultures.

Which raises an interesting question for Christian Dads and Moms: Are you training your daughter to aspire to be an excellent wife and mother?

Almost sounds sexist, doesn’t it? And, to many, there’s no “almost” about it. Such a question is absolutely sexist!

Hey, are you trying to suppress women? How dare you suggest women crawl back to the dark ages!

Right now, our 19-year-old daughter is traveling alone in Europe, staying with various new acquaintances and other friends for several months. Our 16 and 17 year old daughters leave tomorrow to work for a  political organization on the other side of the country so, spare me the lectures about suppressing women (if you’re so inclined 🙂 )

A culture that does not value and honor marriage and motherhood is a culture determined to destroy itself. And the true place of marriage, and motherhood in particular, in our society has long been in decline.

Sure, you can still find the football player looking into the camera saying “Hi Mom!” And on “Mother’s Day” we’ll still take a few minutes to watch “Mom” read the $4.00 greeting card but, after the requisite reference to God, Mom, & Apple Pie, what is the core message to young women consistently placed before them through virtually all educational channels from pre-kindergarten and on through graduate school, not to mention much (most?) of the input from the movies, TV and other media?

The 21st Century perspective preached and implied at every level of society is that child-bearing and motherhood are impositions and impediments to a rich, fulfilled life – necessary, like dealing with the common cold – but something to be gotten over as soon as possible so the “real living” can commence.

Like much of what the 21st Century has to say, this is a massive lie and against what the Bible teaches.

Western society places a low priority on what the Scriptures say has a value far above rubies – the amazingly gifted, expansive, enterprising, loving, caring, wife and mother described in Proverbs 31.

A suppressed woman? Hardly! She commands respect. She is a powerhouse, impacting the culture in which she lives with her many God-given gifts and talents.

According to the Bible, the value of the most beautiful, precious gems money can buy isn’t even close to the value of a woman like that.

This world is in desperate need of daughters who have been taught by godly wives/mothers, husbands/fathers to treasure what the Bible says is of extreme value: Being a virtuous wife and mother.

Such a woman does not magically appear after a few decades of selfish pursuits or after a vacuum of instruction (although God can do a miracle in anyone’s heart and mind at any age). She is trained in a biblical understanding of priorities and value.

Do you want your daughters to have a powerful impact for the kingdom of God on the culture? We certainly do. That’s why Lisa and I encourage our daughters in all the various ways they have been gifted (even if there’s a little twinge of parental concern as we see them boarding the plane!).


{My Girls in 2012 working on a political campaign in the upper mid-west bumped into someone they recognized at the airport: Senator & former Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum}

We desire our girls to develop their gifts, and bless those around them (as we do our boys). College . . . business? Of course, if that’s where they’re being lead. But we don’t wait for society to tell them something it doesn’t believe.

There is no guaranteed our daughters will be married, and for some, that’s precisely God’s plan but, the foundation and future of any sustainable culture (the responsibility of every Christian family today – consider Jeremiah 29:6 for God’s perspective on preserving His witness in the world) is the stability of the family.

Which raises an interesting question:

Are you raising your daughters – teaching them – to aspire to be excellent wives and mothers?


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