How To Break Free From a Life of Guilt and Shame

How To Break Free From a Life of Guilt and Shame
April 7, 2016 Matthew L. Jacobson


Christy Fitzwater knows a thing or two about guilt and shame. It’s like she has a target, right on her forehead…or somewhere deep in the secret places of her heart. And the arrows? . . . right on the bull’s eye, every time.

When she’s honest with herself, she knows she’s a failure. She knows she doesn’t measure up. What’s worse, she knows she never will. And, yes, she’s confessed passed sins but, the accusation is still the same: FAILURE! GUILTY!

And, what could be more true of Christy . . . and of everyone of us who is being accused every day by the messages of the Enemy, the voice of our Flesh, and the constant barrage of the World’s opinion?

There is a truth missed by so many Christians, a truth that Christy discovered from the heart of The Father through His Word that transformed her thinking and her life and that is the message of her powerful, encouraging, uplifting new book, Blameless: Living a Life Free From Guilt and Shame.

If you’ve ever struggled with the sense that you will never be approved, you’ll never get to where you need to be, that you just have to keep striving to achieve some impossible standard, Christy wants to share an awesome truth with you.

You and I weren’t meant to live with a constant sense the we will never be acceptable because our efforts will never be enough. Don’t live another day under the unachievable standards that have nothing whatever to do with your true identity in Jesus Christ.

If this is a journey you (or someone you know) needs to take, check out Christy’s new book. Let her take you on the road she traveled to discover that she is Blameless.

Here’s what the latest reviewer said, today:

5 STARS ★★★★ By Amazon Reviewer on April 7, 2016
“I absolutely loved reading this book. I found it to be encouraging and hopeful. I found myself laughing out loud in places and crying in others. It was truly a look into the soul of someone wanting to live a blameless and holy life. It made me want to be more transparent with my own life. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to live a more holy and blameless life before God. I am going to read it again!”

I highly recommend Christy’s new book to . . . well, to everyone!

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