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At FAITHFUL MAN®, my goal is to challenge and encourage you with biblical truth on the topics of marriage, parenting, Church, and culture.

It may not be immediately apparent but to maintain an endeavor of this nature involves a regular cash outlay, not including the time-intensive requirements required. One of the ways to address these costs is to accept advertising and to participate in affiliate programs.

I will only promote products that I personally use or can recommend without reservations of any kind.

Occasionally you may encounter a reference to an ‘affiliate’ or a ‘referral’ link. This simply indicates that if you choose to purchase that product or service through the link provided, I receive a small referral commission. There is absolutely no additional cost to you of any kind. But, by clicking the referral link, you are helping this ministry to continue to provide the articles, teaching, and biblical instruction without charge.

In addition, as some of you already know, for those who are truly destitute, I am pleased to provide our (Lisa’s and my) books at no charge. Your support through the affiliate program is one way to help maintain this offering.

Thank you so much for your understanding and for your support.

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