• Syrian Refugees, Terrorists, and Responsibility: Christian Compassion in an Age of War

    Refugees, what’s to be done with them? And the temporary, selective travel ban . . . should we let them…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Modesty and What My 12 Year Old Son Has To Do with How You Dressed Today

    Show up with your personal standards and you are automatically deemed to be judging others who don’t share your conviction.…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Jesus Was Not a Good Man . . . and why that’s a problem

    There’s a problem with the Jesus of the Bible. He says ludicrous things and makes outlandish claims. So, is this…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Normal People are Curious about 50 Shades of Grey

    Timing is everything in a culture that is on the make for the next buck. And 50 shades of Grey…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Modesty in Modern Culture: Why Veronica is Right and Victoria is Wrong

    The audacity of Veronica Partridge is something to behold. She just won’t leave well enough alone. With one small article…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Christian Kids Should Save Kissing (and other things) for Marriage.

    Get a group of Christian teens together and sooner or later the subject of all things physical prior to marriage…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • A Question for Dr. Stephen Hawking: What Do You Hope For?

    Lisa and I rarely go to the theatre. We’re happy to wait until a movie comes out on DVD, and…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Why Jesus is Not a Good Man

    Just about anyone will tell you that Jesus was a good man, even avowed atheists. It’s the Jesus everyone is…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • How Art and Nature Make People Intelligent

    What do art museums, photography contests, and finger paintings have in common? Creators – the people who brought into existence…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
  • Jesus Isn’t Offensive, Only Christians Are . . . Right?

    When you are “The Rock of Offense” you’re bound to get up a few noses. And, He did. The religious…

    By Matthew L. Jacobson
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