Dad & Mom . . . Are We Raising Men or Boys?

Dad & Mom . . . Are We Raising Men or Boys?
November 25, 2014 Matthew L. Jacobson

{This is Part 1 of Raising Men. You can read Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE}

Are we raising men or boys?

As Christian dads and moms, we have to get our heads in the game – to get focused on the business of one of our most important missions in life: Raising our boys to become godly, mature men.

Boys will be Boys . . .

Boys will be boys as the saying goes but it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Men will be boys, too, if they are not trained to put away childish things, been given a vision of manhood, and been invited to take their place in the company of men. Of this, we have daily proof everywhere around us. It’s not the fault of the 20 something boy hanging out at the mall so, don’t blame him. In fact, don’t blame anyone. Let’s just take a good long look in the mirror . . . a clear-eyed look at what we are doing with the disciples God has entrusted to us.

There are basic things that every Dad should teach his son and going forward, we’ll explore in a short series those critical matters. And in a perfect world, dads would always shoulder their responsibilities and take up the challenge of making men out of their boys, with the help and support of their wives. But that world doesn’t exist this side of heaven. In the real world, many women are left to do the raising all by themselves.

Are you a single mom – a widow, or have you been abandoned by an unfaithful husband, and are now ‘going it alone?’

Single Mom, I have a message for you.

Yes, it is tough but, with God’s grace, you can do this. Where the Lord guides, He provides. If you are walking through the challenges of losing a spouse through death or have been abandoned, God will provide the knowledge and resources for you to raise a godly, mature, masculine man from the young boy He blessed you with.

A great place to get connected with is M.O.B. Society (Mothers of Boys) a first-rate group of women who personally understand the challenges you face and provide excellent resources for moms from every background.

This world is in desperate need of godly, mature, masculine men. Why masculine? Because the Scriptures tell men to “Conduct yourself like a man.” We’ll be looking into what this means and what it doesn’t mean and how to instill godly character in our young men.

Please join me every Tuesday for the coming weeks as we seek together to raise men of God – for their own fulfillment and happiness in life, for the blessing they will be to others and the world around them in becoming the men they should be, but far more importantly, for being prepared to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

See you next week!


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