103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear {With Free Printable}

103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear {With Free Printable}
December 2, 2013 Matthew L. Jacobson


Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

These sad words, penned by Thoreau, reveal how totally, desperately, yeah, that’s right, desperately your man needs you . . . that I need you, Lisa.

I wonder, sometimes, if most women really understand that. Do you truly understand the immense power you have in the life of your husband? Every Wife is a King Maker. She has the power to build him up or tear him down. How will you use your power today?

From the man’s perspective, if his woman doesn’t believe in him . . . isn’t fanatically committed to his potential, it doesn’t much matter what others think. He’s already living in Thoreau’s muse, a diminished man.

We need your affirmation – we have to have it and, oh, how we thrive with it. Typically, men are quiet about these things but that doesn’t mean we need and enjoy our wife’s affirmation any less. And every man feels it: When his woman is behind him, he can slay dragons.

Here are a few words to fill your dragon-slayer with the vigor of life.

1) Thanks for being a great husband!

2) I’m glad you’re my friend.

3) You’re a great (are going to be a great) Dad!

4) Thanks so much for fixing that!

5) I really appreciate you.

6) When you listened to me, you made me feel loved.

7) You are my man!

8) You are my protector.

9) You are awesome!

10) Hey, do you have any plans later?

11) I respect you so much.

12) Thanks for working so hard.

13) You’re an excellent provider.

14) You make me feel like a Lady.

15) I love being with you.

16) You’re so smart.

17) You’re amazing!

18) Thank you, that was really kind.

19) You’re so strong.

20) You’re a hard worker.

21) You know how to make me happy!

22) When you hold me tight, I feel safe with you.

23) I like you.

24) I love your sense of humor.

25) Thanks for the date . . . I enjoyed being with you.

26) Thank you for thinking of me.

27) You’re so considerate.

28) You’re a great lover.

29) I’ll always stand by your side.

30) Your secrets are safe with me.

31) I’m yours.

32) I’ll go wherever you lead.

33) I’m blessed you are my husband.

34) You are a godly man.

35) Thank you for leading our family.

36) You are the first place I turn.

37) Being your wife is an honor.

38) It’s a lot of fun being Mrs. (  )

39) Do you want to be a father?

40) Your ideas are so exciting!

41) I love how steady and stable you are . . . makes me feel secure.

42) I love it when you barbeque!

43) Thanks for helping around the house.

44) It’s fun to work with you.

45) What a great job – that looks fantastic!

46) You are one handsome man.

47) You are an unselfish person.

48) I’ve learned so much from you.

49) Our kids are (going to be) fortunate you are their dad.

50) I’m a better woman because you’re my husband. I mean that.

51) You are my favorite person in the entire world!

52) I want to grow old with you.

53) You’re a great kisser.

54) I’m thinking we should go to bed early tonight . . .

55) You make me feel like a woman.

56) You’re a rock.

57) I trust your judgment.

58) Your approval means the world to me.

59) You are a thoughtful man.

60) Thank you for caring how I feel.

61) I appreciate how you show me respect.

62) I have confidence in your leadership.

63) I totally trust you.

64) I’m proud to be your wife.

65) God has my best in mind. That’s why he gave you to me.

66) There’s no one like you.

67) You inspire me to be the best I can be.

68) The hard times don’t matter – I’m with you.

69) You stand for the Truth. I admire that.

70) Your enthusiasm get’s me excited.

71) You are a man of conviction.

72) I married a man of integrity.

73) You’re amazing – you really are!

74) I wouldn’t trade my life with you for anything.

75) You’re a man of action.

76) You’re my dream-come-true – you know that, don’t you?

77) I will always be loyal to you.

78) No other man could even come close.

79) I will always honor you.

80) You will always have my heart.

81) There’s no one like you.

82) What do you need from me?

83) I am one blessed woman!

84) I love being by your side.

85) You look great!

86) I’m a One-Man-Woman!

87) You were amazing last night.

88) How can I serve you in a way that makes you feel loved and respected?

89) I’m always in your corner.

90) I love it when you teach me (us) the Word of God.

91) You have helped me to become a better woman.

92) You have a lot to offer.

93) Thank you for being a faithful husband (and father).

94) Don’t think I don’t notice you putting (me) your family first.

95) God must really be looking out for me to give me a man like you!

96) Being with you is my favorite place to be.

97) I hope you slept well last night because I was thinking we’d stay up a little later tonight!

98) Our kids really look up to you . . . and so do I.

99) I’m grateful our kids have such an excellent role model.

100) Do you know how much I love you?

101) You’re a gentleman.

102) I love just being with you.

103) I’ll love you always and forever.

"103 Words of Affirmation Every Husband Wants to Hear"
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  1. Julia 4 weeks ago

    Thank you for this. Its very helpful to know how to relate to my husband and how to build up his morale. I find that if I give him my support and pray for him he becomes better at his husband-father role.

  2. June 1 month ago

    I see so many of these type list but never one for men to think about what their wives need. Perhaps you could comment on the other side as well. What’s more, I actively seek these articles out and try to follow the suggestions. My husband says he doesn’t think about it or doesn’t have time to look for these articles…but he has time for sports on tv.

  3. Janet 3 months ago

    Very disappointing. Selected your download enter 2 different email address for both got the Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions. message and then 24 hrs later still nothing.

    • Author

      Hey Janet . . . sorry for the hassle. If you try emailing again, we’ll respond. (small outfit . . . sometimes we miss things!)

  4. Brenda Day 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for these helpful tool!! God is a very important part of me and my fiance’. Lately we have had some issues in regard to compromising (he doesn’t this he should have to) and me feeling like I’m just an assistant to him and his daily living. I do not want to get married if this is how I am going to feel for the next 40-50 years ( we both have been married previously) Need some guidance on how to approach this matter of making compromises to him. I want to feel like we have a equally loving, supporting faithful Godly relationship and want that strong foundation before we do marry.
    Thank you so much for all your helpful articles.
    God Bless
    Brenda Day

  5. Johnny 3 months ago

    Wise words – “She has the power to build him up OR tear him down. My Ex should’ve read that sentence.
    Anyways… I went trough difficult times building up my business. And in that time more simple words of affirmations would’ve really helped. I noticed how motivated I was when my wife did it once in a while.

  6. Anakha ps 4 months ago

    Superbbbbbb…luvvvvd itttttt

  7. Kellee 5 months ago

    Can you email me the three printable links for affirmations?
    I am not able to find it?

  8. Lara 8 months ago

    I would love to have a husband that I could say these things to honestly. What do you do when saying these things would be untrue? When my husband is home he doesn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch looking at his phone. He has zero interest in investing in his family. He thinks his only responsibility as a husband and father is to bring home a paycheck. He has no desire to protect, cherish, engage, improve, grow, or lead. With a child who needs my full time care, divorce is not an option. So how is a wife supposed to act towards a husband like mine? (And yes, I’ve tried saying and doing these things before and nothing has changed.)

    • Author

      Very challenging. It’s hardest to serve and love those who don’t return it and who deviate from their responsibilities. Sounds as if the two of you could use the wise, godly, biblical counsel of those who will hold you accountable.

    • Theresa 5 months ago

      Oh Lara, I hope you see this. There are no dates so I don’t know how long ago this was or how your marriage is doing today.
      But I hope this can encourage you, it did for me.

      God brings us into a relationship where the person is weak in the area(s) we most want them to be strong. Why would He do that? What better way to teach us unconditional love, mercy and grace? If our spouse (or we ) had it all there would be no space or reason for growth or learn how to give things they don’t deserve – just as God freely gives us that which we do not deserve.

      Marriage is meant to make us more into the image of Christ and we can’t do that if our spouse lacks nothing and the same is true about us.

      Once I stopped focusing on what wasn’t right with my husband I was able to look in the mirror and see that I wasn’t all I thought. My image of a good wife and my husbands are very different, not to mention not even living up to my own expectations. So, I’ve been more focused on my relationship with God and working out my salvation with fear and trembling..

      And finally, just this week God has opened my eyes to how my prayers for my husband were still self-serving…they were disguised as though for him but still all prayers to keep any pain from me rather than prayers for him to become closer with God and to work out his relationship with Christ and to be able to honestly evaluate himself – apart from me. Knowing that no matter what he does or doesn’t do – Christ is enough regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen.

      God is shot our holiness, not happiness. Not to say He wants us to be unhappy, but His greatest concern and agenda is for us to become like Christ.

      Also, A man will become what you tell him he is.

  9. Jennifer J 9 months ago

    I have tried downloading from all three links of words of affirmation: husband, wife, and children. I can’t seem to get any link to work. Could you please email them to me?

  10. Carly Kern 9 months ago

    What a wonderful list! Thanks for sharing. As far as many of the comments on here, I would like to reply… From the outside, we have all seen a marriage that seems to run seamlessly. The perfect marriage. Remember that these couples are the ones that put in the EXTRA effort and the EXTRA time into making their marriage a great one. All it takes is a few tweaks to change the dynamic. But you have to make the effort and change your attitude to do so. You WILL see a response.

  11. Leslie 10 months ago

    The download links are not working on this post, the 101 words for kids, or the 102 words for wives, are there new links by any chance?

  12. Emily Lakie 10 months ago

    Hello, I enjoyed reading through your list! Would you mind if I shared this article on my church’s blog?

    • Author
      Matthew L. Jacobson 10 months ago

      Please feel free, as long as it includes a live link to the article and my website. Thanks!

  13. rebek 10 months ago

    I would ask Could you please also write to husbands about loving their wives so we can bear to attempt these when we are neglected, unloved, ignored, and disappointing to them but I realized the husbands who treat the wives this way don’t read this type of thing so there’s no point.

  14. Terry 10 months ago

    My husband and I will be married for 36 years this September. We both come from divorced parents but we have managed to stay married because of our faith based marriage and constantly telling each other how much we love each other, how we are each other’s best friend and constantly offer words of affirmation to each other. We believe in doing these things in front of our now grown and married children that we have taught them how to treat their spouses and that they too will stay with their spouses till death do they part just like my husband and I plan to do.
    I feel very blessed every day for my wonderful loving husband who has been with me through thick and thin with all my health problems in the past. We do everything we can to make each other happy, feel needed, wanted and loved everyday.

  15. Ann 11 months ago

    Not every man appreciated affirmations from their wife. Many of them can’t even stand the sight of their wife what more listening to what we have to say.
    Most of the man thinks that we are just a toy to them. Their expectations of us women are to bow down to them and dont argue. Men will always blamed the women if anything goes wrong and thinks that we are super women. They dont even help with anything we asked them to do.
    But will willingly do for other outside the family as they want other v to know them as the greatest husband in other view.
    I can on but I think I stop here with the last sentence. They always thinks their women are very ungrateful. Thank you.

  16. Etta 1 year ago

    Hello. I was scrolling and found your site, and I can’t tell you how much I was sooo happy to see it.
    You see, I found an absolute wonderful man, a Christian indeed. But, I guess due to my own insecurities, I think I might have spoiled things though he said he likes me. I have mood swings due to a type of depression, and unfortunately, he was a victim. Yet, just this week he kind of laughed them off, though it’s clear there is a shift in our relationship. BUT he did say that he knows “that’s not my Etta.” Yet he says he likes me. Still.

    Well anyway, as usual I’m talking too much. I want to build him up. He had his own serious issues, cancer being one and then I come along, and be negative though certainly not intentional. I must learn to think, thus act non emotionally.

    So now I thank you again for your words of encouragement, and how to be encouraging to him. I hope it’s not too late!

  17. JOHN BOSCO OCHAN 1 year ago

    This is really too good for every married and those getting into marriage.

    Thanks a lot.

  18. ABY 1 year ago

    I can see and feel the hurt my husband has locked up inside of him and he totally refuses to share anything with me. He won’t even acknowledge that I am in the house and has told me repeatedly he doesn’t want me there, he doesn’t trust me and that he doesn’t believe me. We are about to celebrate (lol) 2 years of marriage which he calls a waste of time. I’ve been praying, fasting, studying, doing what God instructs me to do as well as all the things my husband expects of me, except I cannot be intimate with him at the drop of a hat, I need to feel loved and respected and be touched. He makes it seem like I’m never home, but I have to be involved in Ministry, if not I’ll lose my mind! When I’m home and try to converse with him, he give one word answers or shrugs his sholders or no response at all. He’s been told I’m trying to hid something, but I have told him everything. Now I tell him nothing and he gets mad that he doesn’t know anything about my new job. I feel this is craziness, but God is not telling me to leave, so I stay and when God says love on him I do. He doesn’t even want me to do Praise and Worship in his presence, which means none at home and none at church! Am I a fool for still loving this man?

    • Carmen 1 year ago

      Remember it takes two for a marriage to work communication is the key. You won’t agree on everything but u should not be feeling alone. Go for help if he doesn’t want then I need to ask yourself do u want a life time of marriage. Get out before u have children. Don’t feel it’s your fault. I hope u will fine happiness.

    • Sanity 10 months ago

      Your Husband should be your FIRST ministry. Love him. As Jesus loves you, Love him . Your actions of mercy and grace will draw him near. God didn’t say to love if they love according to your.version. He said to love (more accurately, respect… that’s love to a man) your husband. If we follow His words with out excuse, even the hardest heart can be softened. When we do our part in truth, God does the rest. -Don’t shine a light on them. Just DO what Christ asked you to do. It heals our hearts and keeps us from becoming bitter. -What ever you do, do it as unto the Lord. – Many prayers for both of you.

  19. Dpk2010 1 year ago

    What do you do when as a woman you are the provider and also the one managing the house and the kids? My husband is one more big kid to provide for and take care of. I can thank him for cooking, grocery shopping and doing his own laundry. But frankly I think he should be more focused on being a provider because I’m exhausted from taking care of the heavy lifting inside and outside the home. My resentment is hard to contain.

    • Author

      This is where Christian Community comes in. We need the input and accountability (sometimes rebuke) of the Church (not the denominational institutions we see everywhere, but the biblical Church spoken of in the New Testament – the body of Christ – brothers and sisters under godly shepherds). The Bible speaks directly to this issue – so, if we call ourselves ‘Christian’ and believe the Bible, we are to be held accountable to what it says. If not, we’re on our own.

  20. LeJean 1 year ago

    I have certainly enjoyed your sight! I look forward to many great things in the future! I am so very blessed to have to have a great marriage of 41 1/2 yes, still best friends!

  21. CJ 1 year ago

    How my heart would rejoice to hear my wife say things like this. 20-plus years of marriage and I have received way more criticism than affirmation. And it is not like I haven’t asked her for nice words. They are so few and far between and my heart is just drying up and withering away inside.

    Nothing worse than to have the woman you love so much not reciprocate that love in return. I just wonder why I even try anymore I just hurt so much all the time.

    • L Dixon 1 year ago

      Dear CJ – We all have wounds from our past which creates misunderstanding and mis communication – try saying these same things you long to hear yourself to your wife – from your heart in truth with love and be patient – God is refining each and everyone of us ….. I believe something great will happen when you lead the way!

      Do you pray with her or do devotionals DAILY with her? Do you LEAD her spiritually ???? If not why not – it is your calling as her warrior protector

      This advise is coming from a much loved wife with a warrior leader husband!

      • CJ 1 year ago

        If you only knew how much love I have poured into my marriage. As a matter of fact, I went too far. I prayed with my wife, I tried to lead in devotions, I served her relentlessly around the house.

        All of this led to my wife running the opposite direction saying I smothered her, I was too needy and clingy and she was my identity and that I needed to find my own identity in God.

        So she went so far as to disconnect over a 5 to 6 year span as I was suffering through twould agonizing bouts of unemployment and was longing to have a wife who would encourage me, affirm me and have my back only to find out she was having an emotional affair with for 2 years with our church youth pastor she worked with.

        So yes, as a husband I loved my wife way too much! And what I received in return was the most painful experience I have ever had to live through.

        For the past year we have been working on reconciling and reestablishing the foundation of our marriage in Christ first as we try to restore our conenant. Do please pray we can both be the husband and wife we want to be.

    • Sherri 1 year ago

      I completely understand. I have been married for nearly 24 years. I can honestly say, that I make it a priority to use words of affirmation almost daily. I am probably an over loving wife who is dedicated and faithful. How I wish I could just get a tiny particle back from him. I will put you on my prayer list. I have such a hard time seeing people hurting. Gods blessings, SW

  22. Missy 1 year ago

    I would like to have the printables to hang on my fridge for children, wives and husbands but I cannot get the links to work. Can you send me a working link?

  23. Ana 1 year ago

    As long as the guy deserves it…

    • L Dixon 1 year ago

      We all have sinned and come short of the glory of GOD none of us deserve it

    • Brandy 10 months ago

      I used to think that way too Ana…I had no respect for my husband, but I started listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and I realized that my husband needed to know that I respected him. She said try to think of ONE thing that you respect about him and tell him. So I told him that I respected that he gets up and goes to work to provide for our family every day. This TOTALLY changed him! You could see life come back into him! I never knew sincerely expressing gratitude and respect toward him would do so much for US.

      We have along way to go as after 18 years he still struggles to understand my needs as a woman, but I have hope that God is moving in his heart. I can see it. I’ve been waiting a VERY long time to see even a hint of him trying to understand me and many times I’ve wanted to walk away, but that is easy to do. It is so rewarding to know where we have come from and where we are now!!! I’ll keep on moving forward!

      As I continue to do my part in respecting and loving him, and working on me, I see God moving in him too!

      Someone has got to make the first move or you’ll stay in that place forever! Life is too short and I want to enjoy it!

      • Sha-Toree Norris 7 months ago

        This was beautiful. I really needed to hear(read) this. You’re right! It is easy to give up, but after all the work blood sweat and tears I’ve put in our relationship and marriage I know only be hurt worst.

      • Beryl 6 months ago

        Not all wives work only inside the home. So many wives go out to work everyday just like the husband. She deserves to be told that he appreciates her as well. She needs and deserves respect and affirmation too.
        We have got to stop thinking that only a husband needs respect and appreciates. 5-11-17

        • Angela Lau 6 months ago

          I SO TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! 26+years of bringing home paychecks, cooking cleaning, taking care of FIVE CHILDREN, making time for them, working graveyard shifts to SAVE MONEY, giving HIM PLEASURE…I NEED A AMEN TO THAT!!!!!! WOMEN NEED IT TOO!!!! And SAD to say I WASN’T GONNA be disrespected or not appreciated ANYMORE! So I WAS DONE!

  24. Jane 1 year ago

    I can’t get the list to print.

  25. Dee 1 year ago

    WOW! Wonderful! Amazingly well said! God bless you for this post!

  26. Amanda 1 year ago

    Thanks for helping around the house? You know it’s your house too, right?

  27. Jozie 2 years ago

    Thank you for these. I know how much this is important to My husband but I’m not great with expressing words. I have not been able to find part 2 of the printable…

  28. Carmen 2 years ago

    This wonderful!!! but how do you handle a narcissist, who tears you down. And tells me I am no good?

    • Teiya 1 year ago

      You will respond as the Bible instructs. I’m not sure if you are a saved woman but if you are 1 Peter 3 is a great start.


      It evens teaches on suffering for doing good. You see many men treat their wives badly because it’s exactly how they feel about themselves. They hate themselves and hid those feelings in a tough boy attitude that tears his wife down. You must take your focus from your emotions and focus them on God, pleasing God and what would make God happy. 1 Peter 3 will assist you in this area. I’ve experienced a season in my own marriage when I constantly wanted to run away from my husband. I literally hated to be around him but then I realized he’s my husband because of my intelligent decision to marry him. Now I needed to deal with it and be strong. God helped me greatly. I prayed for my husband daily. I prayed the Word of God over his life and I used this as a start:


      It’s not going to be easy and you’re not going to want to do it but I promise your reward in the end will be well worth it. That’s why 1 Peter 3 is so vital. It instructs you what to do when you’re faced with insults and bad treatment. You must obey the Word in order to have success. Believe in God. Know that God keeps His promises. You will meet success in this area. I will be praying for you and your marriage. May God bless your marriage more than you could ever imagine.

      • Carole 7 months ago

        Thank you!!! And AMEN

  29. Beryl 2 years ago

    This is overkill, if you are not going to write 103 things that husbands should say to their wives. It is not respectful to a wife to expect her to say all those. This is exalting the husband. We are only to exalt God.

      • Beryl 2 years ago

        Thanks for being so gracious to me and for allowing my comments. I am in emotional turmoil about the trend towards what I see, as us denying the value of wives/women, while exalting men husbands, and doing it so loud and bold on the Internet.

        So, I did read the other list. I read it with pain and tears in my eyes, because I love my gender and see the unfairness. I see the bias towards husbands. I see the blame and criticism thrown at wives.

        It’s disheartening to know that we actually expect wives to do more. Really? This is confusing, as I read the Word of God, as I see what God tells both the husband and the wife to do.

        So, then I asked my husband to read the lists, and because he is male, he was hesitant, as he wants to always be loyal to his gender, along with the fact that he was a little afraid that the lists would reveal some reality about males. He often expresses how marriage articles do show bias. So hubby did admit some bias was seen and that the husbands’ list of things to say, could have been written differently.

        Then, I asked my women’s group to read the lists and give their views.
        ( and contrary to men and most marriage sites belief, wives do not sit around gossiping and criticizing husbands)
        Anyway, my group members, were disappointed, even though they had seen other internet, watered-down lists before and as they said that men have always controlled the world and that it was set up to always favor men/husband, and not women/wives. Many. people get confused, believing that women don’t need and want affirmation, praise, and respect. After reading both lists, my women’s group, emphatically agreed that the other lists is watered down.

        .As a result of these Internet lists, I created my own side by side list and have the lists hanging in my kitchen, at my office, and in my scrapbook, so that young females will know that they too are important I teach them that society talks about the submission of wives, quite a lot, but omit and will not discuss husbands laying down their lives for their wives.

        • Author

          We shouldn’t be loyal to our gender. We should be loyal to Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Everything needed for a fantastic, fulfilling life and marriage is contained in the Word of God – God’s love letter to Mankind. Here is the heart of God on the matter:

          Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

          • Beryl 6 months ago

            I am not going to continue to. write, as I know I am being a pest. Thanks for allowing me to run my mouth☺️
            Anyway, I get what you’re saying and I am absolutely, not more loyal to my gender than to God. That was a wise crack, I’m sure.
            Likewise, I surely can’t and won’t be loyal to the male gender,either. No woman should. I know you understand this, but I must remind you that your gender is sadly in so much need of ego stroking and exaltation. Can’t do this for men. Yet, you are willing to write articles that suggest women do this.
            Knowing that God is listening and watching, you should be afraid to write such a list like this. That’s kind of scary, don’t you think?

            So, it is normal for one to show loyalty to their own. You shouldn’t imply that I am wrong, since you showed loyalty through your list. I’m not mad at you. Just want fairness. Just please stop telling women to stroke their husbands’ egos. Please stop hurting wives.

          • Author
            Matthew L. Jacobson 6 months ago


            If you take the time to truly know what is taught at MatthewLJacobson.com, you will see that there is truly no “loyalty” or favoritism to one gender or the other – which would be completely against what the Bible clearly teaches, as stated in Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

            And while you are familiarizing yourself with the content on the sight, you will encounter the companion article on how husbands should fill their wives with words of affirmation, too. it’s here:


            As for there being one more affirmation for men than women, 103 to 102, it just happened that way in the writing process – you see, this is a series on Affirmation in Family Relationships, starting with 101 Words of Affirmation every Child wants to Hear.

        • rachel 10 months ago

          Men and women are not the same its the doctrine of equality that has ruined traditional roles. Each gender is different and meant to serve god and eachother in their respective ways. I believe most discontent comes from women demanding to be treated like men. Feminism has ruined todays society.

          • Beryl 6 months ago

            A woman wanting fairness, respect, and treated with dignity, is not wanting to be treated like a man.
            I look forward to the day when men, when you, and other people, will stop the on women like that. It is not true that a woman wants to be treated like a man, just because she wants her dreams realized, and to be herself and to achieve things for herself. That has nothing to do with a man Rachael. You are part of the problem as you push this hateful man man notion further on down the line. Stop saying it.
            Men have dreams and women have dreams too.

  30. Kristina Ruiz 2 years ago

    Hi,. I just ordered your book listed at the bottom of this and I can’t wait to read it with my husband! I tried to print this off a few times and I keep getting an error message saying account has expired and I even tried using my husbands email and can’t get it to let me print the printable.

    • Author

      I’ve heard that a couple of times, now . . . we’ll check into it so try again in a couple of days. Thanks for the heads-up

  31. Michele Stratton 2 years ago

    I’m having trouble trying to download this!

  32. KimByrd 2 years ago

    These are awesome sayings. Being a wife of 3 years I have noticed how my hubby is different in a good way whenever I compliment him. But that was just something that I stumbled upon. Now hearing it from a male perspective, I know that I need to do it more often because it’s something that he desperately needs. Thanks for shedding light on making until death does its part easier.

  33. sevena 2 years ago

    so needed these days to remember to encourage one another

  34. L Bell 2 years ago

    “There’s no one like you” is in the list twice: #66 & #81.
    Good stuff, though.

  35. visionaryaline 2 years ago


  36. mariyasreekumar 2 years ago

    This is so helpful. I am not a Words of Affirmation communicator but my boyfriend, apparently, is. All that stuff sounds artificial to me; I didn’t grow up in a family that communicated like that. But I guess it doesn’t sound artificial to him, so I want to do it, but I’m not good at it. So having a list of statements that I can use or at least look to as examples really helps!! Great ideas, thank you. =)

    • Donna 1 year ago

      Me either…it’s hard to give when you have had no roll models

  37. sreyasreekumar 2 years ago

    i love u husband

  38. millicent 2 years ago

    I practice these words and my husband becomes encouraged each day I say good words to him. thank you so much.

  39. Lynda 2 years ago

    Do we really need another “Christian” resource describing what a woman should do for a man? Could we please have some strong Christian men come foward and say what a husband should be to a wife?

    I know there are some books out there on this subject, but not nearly as many as there should be, especially when you consider that there are many men out there who are abusive and neglectful of their spouse’s needs spiritually, mentally and physically.

    Maybe when one of these books gets published and MEN ACTUALLY READ IT I’ll start thinking about telling my husband what a good lover he is.

    • amy 2 years ago

      As a wife I know the power of prayer (with my husband and also in my own alone time with God). I’ve seen the difference words of edification make in my husband and his actions and behavior. There is power in the words we speak , the power of life and death. I am going to continue to choose speaking words of life into my husband and our marriage. Is it a magic fix it all ? No, but when I change my focus from me to my spouse the results are beneficial to us both. I choose to speak the role God created my husband to fill as a Godly man and pray for God to do the work in him . I shift my focus to my husbands needs and somehow God turns things around to fill my needs through my husband. You must be willing to speak words of truth but also of encouragement.

    • Tom Gund 11 months ago

      We are all human. Positive feedback is required for all sentient beings. Men and women require a purpose and value to their existence. Like night and day, male and female are contrasts. Nevertheless, we all like to feel valued. As someone who has experienced rejection; a kind word goes a long way.

  40. Lynda 2 years ago

    This is wonderful but my husband doesn’t love me and I don’t think any of these statements apply to him.

    • Noemi 2 years ago

      Good morning, Lynda. I was sad when I read this especially being a divorced woman. Six years after my divorce I met a couple that was married for 40 years. I asked the couple, how did you stay married for so long and love one another so long. The both replied by saying that as long as one person is in love they can bring the other back. I told the couple that I didn’t believe a fire can be rekindled. They replied by saying, any fire can be rekindled given the desire you have burning inside you. Then she proceeded to say there was a time in her live when her husband didn’t love her. She showed him the things that made him once love her. The husband then said there was a point in their marriage where she no longer loved him. He then did all he could to bring her back. 40 years later here they are. I’m sure this isn’t for everyone but is was really something I’ve never heard anyone say.

      • Sean G 10 months ago

        I think they are from the era of when things were broken, you worked to fix them. Too often today folks treat marriage like cars. They feel once the excitement of the new wears off they want something else.

  41. Dorothy Jones Evans 2 years ago

    I am a newlywed and would like to purchase some of your books. Could you please send me a list of your books and prices please!

    Thank You!
    Dorothy Evans

  42. Lauren 3 years ago

    This is so helpful. I am not a Words of Affirmation communicator but my boyfriend, apparently, is. All that stuff sounds artificial to me; I didn’t grow up in a family that communicated like that. But I guess it doesn’t sound artificial to him, so I want to do it, but I’m not good at it. So having a list of statements that I can use or at least look to as examples really helps!! Great ideas, thank you. =)

  43. Love these words, Matthew: “fanatically committed to his potential”!

    May we all use our words so that our husbands know this is true of us.

    I have been married for 22 years and I tell my husband every day that I would marry him all over again. Thanks for your continued encouragement, as always.


  44. Audrey 3 years ago

    Dear Matthew,
    Youar article and suggestions are wonderful. However, my husband would agree with me that very few of these statements are true of him. How do you suggest I encourage him when he falls SO short of what a husbands role should be?

    • Matthew Jacobson 3 years ago

      My wife Lisa came to me some time ago and asked me how she might encourage and bless me as a wife, friend, and lover. It might be a good question to ask your husband. It is also encouraging to me when my wife focuses on this things that help her to be a godly, mature Christian woman.

    • Jennifer Minor 3 years ago

      Audrey, I just said a quick prayer for you as I read your response. I’m encouraged to read that your husband would agree with you that he falls short. I suggest praying for him AND with him specifically for the things he and you want to work on. Praying with your husband is amazing. Also, take this list to God and pray through it concerning your husband, ask God to show you how you can help him be an encouragement to him. Don’t forget to thank him, and God for your husband’s attempts☺

    • chris 2 years ago

      What does he excel at, what are his strengths. Start by praising him there.

    • Mary 2 years ago

      I would sadly agree with Audrey that my husband would also agree that very few of the above statements could be said of him. He never prays with me and the family, or reads the Bible. He doesn’t own a Bible even though he’s a christian. Hates reading, never goes to church or fellowship group. Discourages me from christian work, is just a super negative person. I only married him because he groomed me in my teens and got me pregnant. All rather sad. I have tried my best but am losing hope that I’d ever be able to utter any of the words above.

  45. katie 3 years ago

    You should make a “print” button on posts like this one. I liked it enough to make myself a hard copy reminder!

  46. Cassie 3 years ago

    My husbands love language is words of affirmations so this is a great resource! Thanks for sharing! Pinning on my words of affirmation board.

  47. Caryn Bennett 3 years ago

    Thank you for that list! I have said many of them but Its a great reminder of how I can love my husband better through encouragement with words of affirmations! I will definately, put it more to practice! In fact, I just sent him a text!
    Thank you also for making me look forward to Wednesdays to hear yours and Lisa’s story. Its been fun reminesing how that new love and excitement I felt falling in love with my husband! ( for some reason, I can’t get the capital letters to take here.)

    • Matthew Jacobson 3 years ago

      Thanks so much for you kinds words, Caryn, and for your interest in our story. We’re having fun writing it . . . and remembering . .

  48. B Hissong 3 years ago

    Hello, great list however I question the question mark at the end of number 49. I think that you might like to correct that.

    Thank you for all you do in helping us married folk to live a godly centered marriage.
    Have a blessed day!

  49. Jess 3 years ago

    “do you want to be a father?”

    lol. That sounds more like an invitation for some “husband/wife” time, than an affirmation, lol. I can hear my husband saying, “maybe later but we sure can try tonight!”

    thank you for these! My husband says he doesn’t need affirmation but there are times i can feel him feel peace when i do. i’ll try more of these!

  50. Rhonda Pettijohn 4 years ago

    Love this list.. Power of words as a wfe of 30 plus years are a diffenent must!! Thank You…

    • MJAdmin 4 years ago

      30 plus years? That’s an awesome testimony in and of itself, in this day of disposable relationships. Thank you for the example!

  51. Priscilla Peter 4 years ago

    Thank you. I’ve always kinda known the power of words and how people thrive when someone makes them feel like their what’s up. These are really good words of affirmation. I just felt the effect of them. Some words/ideas are annointed.

    • Beryl and Vinc 9 months ago

      Yes the power of words from your wife AND the power of words from your husband are very much needed in order to encourage your spouse.

      For too long, a trend was to make the wives feel bad and guilty from messages that they were not adequate and not doing enough to exalt their husbands. But thankfully, a wise person, here and there, recognized that wives are human too and need words of affirmation too.
      There is another similar doctrine, which had some people telling dads that they are the ones to give affirmation to the daughter.. Some wise ones are now beginning to realize that this is so far from the truth. Some are now seeing that the daughter needs her mother. The mother, is important to the daughter’s self esteem and emotional development. Of course a girl needs her mother! Yet and still men, scold women and tell that women can not teach a boy how to be a man. Why are we so wicked to women?
      It’s amazing how we create doctrines that diminish a woman/mother/wife’s importance. 1-16-17

  52. Abbie 4 years ago

    I love this list so much, thank you for coming up with this idea. Being a wife one day is going to be amazing!

  53. gayebird23@yahoo.com 4 years ago

    This is awesome

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